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The Bisaya, also known by the Spanish name Cebuano, are the biggest ethnic group in the Philippines. Without the help of legislation, their language is the lingua franca of half the country, being spoken in the Visayas and Mindanao.

Language: Bisaya
Ancestral Domain: Central Visayas Region
Principal City: Cebu
Native God: Kaptan and Magwayen
Religious Ritual: Sinulog


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The Tagalog are the most dominant ethnic group in the Philippines. The national capital are their domain. The national language and costume are theirs too.

Language: Tagalog
Ancestral Domain: Land around Lake Bay, most of CALABARZON, and Marinduque
Cultural Center: Batangas
Native God: Bathala
Religious Rituals: Subli

Ethnic Map of the Philippines

The Philippines is made up of a colorful diversity of peoples, with over 80 ethnic languages spoken in the country.  Below is a tree of the Philippine ethnolinguistic groups, compiled from different studies*, as well as personal knowledge.